Successful Eye Camp Posted November 11, 2013 by Fred


Society for Eye Sight Prevention of Vellore District, St.John’s Mat.Hr.Sec.School, Gudiyatham, Child Aid Trust, Polur and C.M.C.Hospital, Vellore took initiative as joint venture to conduct Free eye Camp in the campus of St.John’s Mat.Hr.Sec.School, Gudiyatham.

After all the inagural ceremonies, the doctors from C.M.C Hospital started to do the chekups to the people who came for the chekups. These are the people from Gudiyatham town and the near by villages. This camp was a great blessing to all the people in and around the town. More than 365 people did the chekups and the other people were given the tokens and was adviced to come to the C.M.C.Hospital in vellore where they will be given free treatment.

Among the people who did the check up, 36 were adviced to go for Cataract treatment which will be done free of cost by the C.M.C hospital and 97 of the people were adviced to have glasses. Child Aid Trust with the help of Child Aid Ireland – India will support the poor people to buy glasses along with the help of St.John’s Mat. Hr.Sec.School.

On the whole it was a eye opening day for the children and the people in and around Gudiyatham town.

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