Child sponsorship programme

Since the charity commenced over 5,000 children have been sponsored.  Today there are approximately 1000 children in sponsorship. The aim of sponsorship is to give an additional support to the poor parents to meet out the educational expenses of the child. But for this support the child may not be able to get good education. By this sponsorship we encourage the parents to keep the child in education. Our aim is to give the child up to third level education.

Selection of the Project Area

Applications for our child sponsorship programme are made through the mothers self-help groups. In some case we approach a school or village orphanage and offer to add the children cry program. In all cases these will be the children of very poor families. Sometimes an administrator who wishes to receive sponsorship to the children of his village or organization would write to Child Aid Trust explaining the situation of the place and the need of the beneficiaries.

Selection of the Child

Any child from any caste and any religion is eligible to receive sponsorship provided if they are from a

  1. Complete orphan and poor family.
  2. Semi orphan and a poor family.
  3. Broken and poor family.
  4. Family where parents are daily agricultural coolies.
  5. Family where parents are skilled daily labourers.
  6. First generation school going child
  7. Family where parents are low salaried employees.

Mode of Operation


  1. Child will be intimated through the field staff once he/she is selected by a sponsor.
  2. A bank account has to be opened in the name of the child. The bank will be identified by Child Aid Trust. If the child is minor, the account has to be operated by the mother of the child. Bank pass book will be in the custody of the administrator.
  3. The sponsorship money will be credited in the account of the child.
  4. When money is needed, the mother or guardian has to explain the need to the administrator, get the passbook from him, withdraw needed fund, and return the pass book back to the administrator.
  5. The administrator and the guardian are responsible for the funds received. The funds should be used only for educational purpose of the child unless it is sent for any other purposes instructed by the sponsor.

Leaving from the Programme

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Under the following conditions the sponsorship will be stopped to the child.

  1. If the child does not keep regular correspondence
  2. If the child leaves from regular educational system
  3. If the child completes the education
  4. If the family’s economical situation develops in course of time
  5. If the child or the parents do not co-operate with the programme organized by the CAT for the welfare and development of the child and the family.