History of child aid trust

Child aid trust was founded in the year 2008 to cater the educational needs of the poor, rural and low caste children in the districts of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai. It was started to carry out the works of Child Aid Ireland – India in this region. The main goal of this organization is that “ No child should be deprived of good education because of poverty”. Since the time of the inception of this trust thousands of children got good education and became teachers, nurses, lab-technicians, carpenters, electricians and computer skilled people. This we could achieve through the sponsorship programme from Child Aid Ireland-India.

Besides the sponsorship programme, Child Aid Trust with the support of Child Aid Ireland-India, have built schools, toilets, dormitory buildings, established bore wells, bought computers to the schools, Kitchen equipments to the orphanages, musical instruments to the boarding homes, supplies uniforms and note books to the poor and needy children, and various other infrastructural facilities to the schools where the poor children are studying.

One of the recent projects that have taken up by CAII and CAT is ‘family income generation projects’. Through this project we supply cows to the families with which they can create their own income for the support of the child’s higher education. The sponsorship is very useful for the primary and secondary level education. But when the child reaches the third level the parents find very hard to educate the child with the sponsorship. Hence through this family income generating projects we support the families to have their own income so that when the child reaches third level they will have enough source to educate the child in third level.